The Gray Family

Mark Gray Music Ministry

The Au Family

Andrew and Elena

Missionaries to Hong Kong

The BaileyFamily


Helping Hands Missionaries

The Heisey's Family

Oeter and Julie

Missionaries to Romania

The Denisi Family


Missionaries to Phillippines 

The Burgess Family


Missionaries in Canada

The Ghrist Family

Tim and Toni

Missionaries to Kenya

The Fridenstine Family

Adam and Ester

Missionaries to El Salvador

The DeOme Family

Daniel  and Beth

Missionaries to Phillippines

David Gibbs

Christain Law Association

The Beire Family


Missionaries to Australla

The Khoury Family


Missionaries to the Holy Land

The Hernandez Family

Jonathan and Stephanie

Missionaries to Amazon Basin

The DaCunha Family

Josiah and Gloria

Missionaries to Portugal

The Gerosin Family

Mark and Katie

Missionaries to Colombia

The Gray Family


Missionaries to Circle of Love

The Hall Family


Missionaries to Kennya

The Russell Family

Patrick and Jody

Missionaries to the Ivory Coast

The Ray Family

Ben and Andrea

Missionaries to China


David Gibbs Jr.

National Center fo Life and Liberty

Dave McCracken

Dave and Nancy


The Leaf Family

Don and Linda

Missionaries to Brazil

The Robertson Family

Chris and Elizabeth

Missionaries to mexico

The McCombie Family


Missionaries with BIMI

The Qalo Family

Roni and Orma

Missionaries to Figi Islands

The Warneke Family

Josh and Renee

Missionaries to Fiji Islands

The Talkington Family


Missionaries to Germany

The Shipman Family


Missionaries to Germany

The Stertz Family

Kenneth and Tricia

Couriers for Christ

The Turk Family


Missionaries to Indonesia

Dr. Paul Chappell

West Coast Baptist College

The Mordh Family

Peter and Laurinda

Missionaries to Philippines

Missions the Heartbeat of Our Church
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David H. Snyder President Baptist International Missions, Inc

Heifer International